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Taking out Car Insurance on my 4X4: What Information Do I need?

Taking out Insurance on your 4X4 requires a few details that we will need from you to get the ball rolling. This information is straightforward and will only take a few minutes. Once you have provided us with the information, we will get to work on getting you the savings you want on your car insurance. Your information will determine the price you receive for your quote. Waste no more time and get started on your car insurance savings!

What we need from you:

  • Details about the Vehicle – Information related to your Car includes; make and model, year of registration, annual mileage as well as estimated value of the 4X4 you want to insure.
  • Personal Details – We need some basic information about you. This includes your name, address, age, occupation, marriage status and a few other details.
  • Drivers – How many people will be driving the vehicle? We will require the names and driving license numbers of any individuals that intent to use the vehicle.
  • No Claims – Help us get you the best quote by giving us details on your No Claims and you will be discounted on the price you receive.
  • License History – We require your driver’s license details and a few other things to get you on your way to cheap car insurance!

Will Insurerr get me the Best Price for my Car Insurance?

We know that you want your Car Insurance to be simple. Here at Insurerr, we agree. You want the cheapest possible price and want it without any hassles. Do you want to get a cheaper quote on your existing price? Insurerr is here to help. Need a price on your brand new car? Insurerr is the place to go. If it’s anything in the world of Car Insurance, Insurerr is here for you. We pride ourselves on getting you the cheapest quote possible without any headaches along the way.

We can get you any information you need to make the process as easy as possible for you. We know that there are a lot of confusing aspects to Car Insurance but our experts are here to help. They are happy to answer any queries and questions that you may have. Our interest is getting you the best value for your vehicle and make it as easy as can be.

What Type of Insurance Should I get for my 4X4?

We know that the different types of cover can be where it gets a little confusing. Don’t worry though, we have broken down each level and explained them simply to make sure you know which type of cover you need. It’s worth a read to get you in the know about all the different types of cover we offer. Each option will impact the quote you receive and is dependent on what cover you require and your circumstances. The types of Insurance which you can select from are listed below, find one that suits you and get to work on saving on your 4X4 vehicle insurance. The types of cover are split into three categories: Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft, Fully Comprehensive.

  • Third party Insurance – If you own a car in the UK and want to drive it on the road, third party car insurance is the minimum level of cover legally required. This type of insurance is basic and will cover you if you damage another person’s vehicle or any other cost related to compensating them or anyone in the vehicle. The downside to this type of cover is that the Insurance does not cover the cost of any repairs that may be required on your own vehicle. If the vehicle was stolen or damaged by fire, Third Party would not pay to compensate your loss.
    This type of insurance is typically suited to vehicles that are older in age and of less value. It is popular amongst new drivers who can typically face higher insurance cost due to their limited driving experience. This does not mean however that this is advised, as younger drivers are statistically more likely to make a claim. Because the cover is pretty basic, the cost tends to be cheaper, however this is dependent on a number of details specific to the driver.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft – If you are looking for a more advanced type of cover to Third Party, this may be the one for you. Third Party Fire and Theft is everything included in Third Party with the added extra cover of paying out if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. The Third Party Fire and Theft policy is typically selected by those who want a more advanced cover to Third Party but perhaps don’t want to finance Fully Comprehensive cover as it may be dearer. This is typically a popular choice of cover for those who want cover for a car that is cheaper in value but still want to protection should the worst happen.
  • Fully Comprehensive – Fully Comprehensive insurance is the greatest type of cover that you can opt for. Fully Comprehensive takes all the cover from Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and adds on a few more details that make sure you are protected should anything happen to your vehicle. This policy covers you if your vehicle is damaged in an accident. It also covers damage suffered by others as well as their vehicles. Fire and Theft are also included as cover in a Fully Comprehensive policy. The nature of your Fully Comprehensive cover is dependent on the individual. If you want to add further protection to your policy, add-ons such as breakdown cover are available. If this is the cover which you feel will best cover you then have a look through the terms and conditions to find out more.

Whatever type of cover you require, Insurerr can offer you advice on which policy would best suit you. If you have any further questions or are still unsure as to anything related to what cover you need, get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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Everything You need to Know About 4X4 Insurance

The 4X4

The rise of 4X4 vehicles in the last couple of decades has been noticeable and they are now populating the roads in a capacity like never before. They are a popular choice amongst those that live in the city and want a large vehicle to roam the streets in. They are also the vehicle of choice for those living in the country who require the vehicles for tasks such as towing and farming. Whatever the requirements of the individual, the 4X4 is as popular as ever and continues to grow in demand. The power, style, size and security are features which attract those interested and have resulted in the surge in popularity of the vehicles. Almost all car manufacturers have 4X4’s on their model range nowadays. Range Rover, Peugeot, BMW, Porches, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volvo are all but a few which have capitalised on the growth in popularity of the 4X4 and have a variety of large vehicles for sale.

4X4 Insurance Groups

The price you receive for insurance on your 4X4 is dependent on a few key factors which are the same for any vehicle. One of the biggest factors is the details about the vehicle itself. The manufacturer, model, age, condition are all important details that will shape what quote you receive. The more expensive the 4X4, the typically more you will pay in insurance. If the 4X4 is luxurious, new and high in value, it will be dearer to cover in comparison to an older model which is cheaper to purchase. The weight of the 4X4 is also a factor is getting the best quote available. The heavier, bigger and stronger the vehicle, the higher insurance group the cover will be priced for. This is a good and bad thing as larger vehicles are less likely to obtain as much damage in an accident, however are more likely to cause potential harm to other vehicles due to their weight and size. The engine size is another variant with larger engines demanding more expense when it comes to insuring the vehicle.


One issue of acquiring a 4X4 is the cost. The running cost, repair costs or value of the vehicle are all downsides of the 4X4. As the vehicles grow in popularity, the costs inevitably rise. The sustainability of the 4X4 is unquestionable and their practicality means that although the costs may be on the high side, they remain a staple of vehicles and populate the roads I impressive numbers. Insurance on 4X4s can be on the expensive side at first glance however with our help here at Insurerr, you can save money on your cover and watch the savings roll in.

Fuel Efficiency

The choice of fuel in 4X4 vehicles in dependant on the make and model that you own. They are available in petrol, diesel and electric hybrid. Owning a 4X4 may not seem like the best option to reduce your carbon footprint, however electric hybrid types can often be better for the environment for cars that use diesel and petrol. If you require the 4X4 for distance, then petrol or diesel may be the best option in making sure you get the most out of your vehicle.

Value in your 4X4

Although 4X4’s are typically a higher Insurance group when it comes to cover, there are ways which you could still make savings. This is dependent on the individual taking out the cover. Use Insurerr to compare quotes to find out the cheapest price we can offer you. Other ways which savings can be made is through increasing your voluntary excess. If you want to find out more, get in touch with us and we will talk you through ways which could save you as much money when it comes to 4X4 insurance.


4X4’s are a great way to travel and if you are interested in getting the best, competitive price for your cover, we are here to help. If you are looking to take out vehicle insurance on a 4X4, then Insurerr is the place to start. Its quick and easy and could have you making savings instantly.

All we need is a few details listed at the top of the page and we are on our way. Once you have entered a few simple details about yourself, your vehicle and driving history, we will get to work on providing you with the best offer and get you covered. Look through all the quotes that are provided and have a look at what each offer includes. Once you have found the offer that best suits you, simply follow the links and let the savings begin!

We aim to get you the best vehicle insurance quotes on the market available to you. A wide range of Insurance providers are listed with Insurerr, all with the hope of getting you the cover you need. Insurerr is in the business of cheap car insurance and will do everything you need to make you the savings that you deserve!