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Why we are here

We created insurerr.co.uk to compare insurance quotes from a variety of brokers.

We exist to provide the best insurance rates to our customers, by using 100s of insurance providers.

Who are we

We’re a small team with a big technology and a long history in the insurance business. We’re FSA Authorised and Regulated and registered under the Data Protection Act, all of which means we the strict policies we follow are not only business sensible, but the law.

Unfortunately we are not allowed (by law) to give advice over the phone to the general public regarding insurance cover – there are very specific conditions set that govern insurance brokers and what they can and cannot say.

Corporate Social Responsiblity

From the beginning we decided that it was important that Corporate Social responsibility plays  a huge role in what we do and each year we have donated a percentage of our profits to selected projects or funded entrepreneurial activity through sites like Kiva.

In 2010 we made a commitment to Peace One Day, an organisation dedicated to achieving a single day of non conflict throughout the world.

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