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ASU Insurance

Taking out ASU Cover: What Information Do I need?

ASU Insurance stands for Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance. An ASU policy is designed to protect you with cover in the unfortunate event that you are unable to continue working. In the past the government would provide benefits for those unable to work. Those days are coming to an end however and ASU Insurance is a way of protecting yourself if you are unable to attend work for any reason. When an individual is left with no disposable income, savings which may have been set aside can quickly disappear if they are solely dependent on them to survive. ASU covers you should a situation arise where you are unable to attend work for a sustained period. Reasons as to why an individual may be unable to attend work could be the following;

  • Loss of job through no fault of your own i.e. Redundancy
  • You are too sick to attend work
  • You are injured and unable to attend work

Planning for the future if an event such as the above were to happen is a sensible way to protect yourself should anything happen that jeopardises your ability to go to work. ASU allows you to pay bills etc. for the period that you are not at work. ASU is typically designed so that you receive a portion of your income that you have put away, for up to 12 months. To apply for ASU Insurance, providers will need to following information;

What we need from you:

  • Personal Details – We need some information about you. This includes your name, address, age, occupation, marriage status and a few other details.
  • Financial information – This involves stating your yearly and monthly income and amount of cover you wish to apply for per month.
  • Health Status – This section requires general details about your health, any recent illnesses etc.
  • Cover Type – This involves choosing which type of cover you require. Stating which policy will impact the amount that you are covered for.

Will Insurerr Provide me with the Best Quotes for my ASU Insurance Cover?

We know that taking out ASU Insurance can seem complicated. If you don’t know what the Insurance protects you from, it may seem daunting. Here at Insurerr, we are here to help. You want the cheapest possible prices and want it without any hassles. Need advice on which type of cover would suit you best? Ask us at Insurerr. Do you need information on limit amounts for ASU cover? Let the experts at Insurerr give you a hand. If it’s anything in the world of Health Insurance, Insurerr is the place to be. We provide you with the quotes you need to make sure you receive the protection you want.

We are here to help with your health insurance and realise that taking out cover is worthwhile precaution. Anything you need or anything that you are unsure of, get in touch and we will guide you through the process. Our interest is getting you the best value of cover and make it as easy as can be.

What Type of Cover Should I get for my ASU Insurance?

We know that the different types of cover can be where it gets a little confusing. Don’t worry though, we have broken down each level and explained them simply to make sure you know which type of cover you need. It’s worth a read to get you in the know about all the different types of cover we offer. Each option will impact the quote you receive and is dependent on what cover you require and your circumstances. The types of Insurance which you can select from are listed below, find one that suits you the best. The types of cover are split into three categories: Accident and Sickness Only, Unemployment Only and Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Combined.

  • Accident and Sickness Only – This type of policy covers you for in a number of precautionary ways. Accident and Sickness cover protects you from most types of accidents. Information can be found on the extent and nature of accidents which are and are not covered below. Accident and Sickness also covers short and long term Illness which is a result of being unable to attend work. Pre-existing conditions are not likely to receive cover. Stress related Illnesses may also be excluded.
  • Unemployment Only – If you protect against Unemployment, you will be compensated if you lose your job in circumstances that you couldn’t control. This means that if your job loss is down to no fault of your own, you would be eligible for cover. Examples of this include redundancy and involuntary unemployment. If you lose your job through misconduct or voluntary redundancy, you may be excluded and unable to receive cover. Details on unemployment scenarios are listed below.
  • Accident, Sickness and Unemployment – This cover is the most amount of protection that can be taken out in relation to ASU Insurance policies. This covers everything that the Accident and Sickness Only and Unemployment Only protects against. This policy combines the features of both and covers you in all three scenarios of Accident, Sickness and Unemployment.

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How Much Cover Do I need?

Insurerr is here to help your Insurance needs. This means if you want a better understanding of the best way to protect yourself, we can get you in the know. Our comparisons will get you the most valuable amount of cover and keep you informed in the process. One of the questions which is frequently asked about ASU Insurance is: How much cover do I need? The answer to this question is depends on the individual and their personal circumstances. A standard piece of advice would be to opt for an amount that covers any bills that you would need to pay. This includes food costs, mortgages and any other running costs of a home. Most Insurance policies will allow you to cover 50% of your gross pay but this is again variable depending on the individual.

How Long Does the Policy Last?

Almost all policies have a standard length of 12 months cover. This is the most common ASU cover length however other options are available. Some providers will offer you options of 6 months, 12 months and 24 months. This type of question is a common one and again depends on how long you will be out of work. If you are Ill or have been involved in an Accident, this can be harder to predict and you may want to be precautionary incase the period of time is longer than you anticipated.

What About my Sick Pay?

Sick Pay is an issue which is often asked about when it comes to ASU Insurance. Taking out ASU Cover does not impact any sick pay which you are entitled too. The idea of ASU is that the cover protects you once your sick pay runs out. Some jobs will provide you with your salary through your Illness or Accident. Other jobs may not provide sick pay however and ASU could protect you if you are absent from work for a substantial period of time. The longer you are given employment benefit, the longer the period of your payout will be deferred. Some ASU Insurance policies will not payout if you are still receiving a salary from your job. If you are self-employed, ASU Insurance is a great option to consider as you will not have any sick pay to rely on if anything happens which causes you to be unable to work.

Am I Eligible for ASU Insurance?

As long as you are over the age of 18 and under the age of 60 and reside in the UK, you are eligible to apply for ASU Cover. You must be in employment or self-employment for a minimum of 16 hours per week and have been so for at least 6 months. If you wish to start claiming your cover, you will typically have to wait 60 days after last attending work. Prices for your ASU Insurance will typically increase the older the individual as with most health insurance policies.

What are the Grounds for Exclusion for ASU Insurance?

There are instances in where you will not be eligible to receive your ASU Cover due to the nature of your Illness, Accident or Unemployment. As with any form of health insurance, when you purchase ASU Cover, there are certain exclusions which may apply and are listed below.

  • Accidents – You will not be entitled to any payout if the nature of your accident is deliberate self-injury, motorcycle related, extreme sport related, some sporting injuries or other injuries that occurred through dubious circumstances. To find out more read the ASU Insurance policies terms and conditions. Accidents through Criminal Activity is also a reason for exclusion.
  • Illness – You will not be entitled to any payout if the nature of your Illness is Pregnancy related, stress related, backache, AIDS related, or any Illnesses involving drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Unemployment – You will not be entitled to any payout if the nature of your unemployment has occurred through having reason to believe that you may soon become unemployed. If your work is seasonal or temporary. You will be excluded if you accept voluntary redundancy. ASU Insurance companies often investigate the circumstances beforehand and if they have reason to believe the customer tried to take out cover in anticipation of redundancy or job loss, their claim may be rejected or any payouts may not be granted. If you are on a contract you can still qualify for unemployment cover if you satisfy certain conditions which are contained in the full policy details.

If you are unsure of the nature of any Accident, Illness or Unemployment situation, have a look through the policy and find a full list of exclusions which relate to your cover.

We know that keeping yourself and your health protected is of vital importance. Keeping an eye on the future is not a bad thing and taking precautionary measurements based on any concerns is not either. If you are interested in keeping yourself protected should any Accident, Illness of Unemployment affect you, Insurerr is here for you. Finding quotes for your cover is quick and easy and can be done in seconds!

All we need is a few details listed at the top of the page and we are on our way. Once you have entered a few simple details about yourself, we will get to work on providing you with the best offer and get you covered. Look through all the quotes that are provided and have a look at what each offer includes. Once you have found the offer that best suits you, simply follow the links and let the savings begin!

We aim to get you the best ASU Insurance quotes on the market available to you. A wide range of Insurance providers are listed with Insurerr, all with the hope of getting you the cover you need. Insurerr is in the business of cheap health insurance and will do everything you need to get you the savings that you deserve!