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I’m Interested in Taking out Car Insurance for my Business Car: What Information Do I need?

Taking out Insurance on any car requires a few details that we will need from you to get things started. This information is easy and will only take a few seconds. Once we get the details that are required, you are on your way to cheap Business car insurance! The details that we need are simple to understand and access and is listed below. Your information will determine the price you receive for your Business Car quote. Get started on your Business Car insurance savings and get covered today!

What we need from you:

  • Details about the Vehicle – Information related to your Car includes; make and model, year of registration, annual mileage as well as estimated value.
  • Personal Details– We need some basic information about you. This includes your name, address, age, occupation, marriage status and a few other details.
  • Details About Occupation – The nature of your, frequency if travel, are all included in this section about your Business Car.
  • No Claims Discount (NCD) – Help us get you the best quote by giving us details on your No Claims and you will be discounted on the price you receive.
  • Driving License History – We require your driver’s license details and a few other things to get you on your way to cheap car insurance!

Is Insurerr the Best place to get Business Car Insurance?

Our aim is to get you the cheapest quotes possible. So to answer your question, yes! Car insurance of any kind can be difficult at first, so let us be your guide through the process.  We know that you don’t have time to waste and want your Business Car on the road, so let’s get down to business! You want the cheapest possible price and want it with no complications attached. Do you want to get a cheap quote on your existing Business Car? Insurerr is here for you. Looking to price cover for a new brand new Business Car you have recently purchased? Insurerr is the place to get cheap premiums. If it’s anything in the world of Car Insurance, Insurerr is here for you. We pride ourselves on getting you the cheapest quote possible and are here to do just that. The process of Business Car insurance doesn’t need to be over complicated and that’s why we make it easy for all involved. We get you the cheapest quotes out there to you without any middleman!

What Type of Insurance Cover will I need for my Business Car?

Helping you make the best choice when it comes to cover is what we do. If you are unsure of anything related to which cover you need, Insurerr are happy to guide you through everything to get you on the right track. Each policy type is explained I detail below to let you know what type of cover it is that you need. Weigh up your requirements against the protection you would receive and make an informed choice! The selection which you go for will impact the quotes you receive. The types of cover are split into three category types, all offering different aspects of cover for your American Car. The types of cover are split into three policies: Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft, Fully Comprehensive.

  • Third party Insurance – If you want to drive your Business Car on the roads here in the UK, third party car insurance is the minimum level of Insurance required by law. This type of insurance will cover you if you damage another person’s vehicle in an accident. Any other damages related to the incident such as compensating the other driver or passenger are also covered in this policy. The downside to this type of cover is that the Insurance does not cover the cost of any repairs that may be required on your own vehicle which may have been sustained from an accident. Theft and Fire damage are also not covered in the Third Party policy.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft – Third Party Fire and Theft is a level up from a basic Third party policy. This policy has all the features of Third Party with a few additional ways in which you are covered. The cover extends to if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. The Third Party Fire and Theft policy is typically selected by those who want a more advanced cover to Third Party but perhaps don’t want to finance Fully Comprehensive cover as it may be dearer.
  • Fully Comprehensive – Fully Comprehensive is the final type of policy and typically offers the most amount of protection. It includes all the features of Third Party Fire and Theft and adds more protection on top of the existing cover. This policy covers you if your vehicle is damaged in an accident. It also covers damage suffered by others as well as their vehicles. The cover you receive on your Fully Comprehensive policy is dependent on the driver and the details provided.

The selection of which type of cover you are going to go for is now hopefully a simple process now that you know all about each. If there is anything that you don’t understand about taking out cover for your Business Car, then have us guide you through the process.

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Why would I need Business Car Insurance?

We all know that if plan on driving a car on UK roads, you need car insurance. Normal car insurance policies cover you for general day to day driving and include going to work and leisure activities. If, however you use your car for extensive business use, you may need to take out some sort of Business car policy. If you drive your car as part of your job and cover a substantial number of miles daily, then Business Car insurance may be an option you wish to explore. Situations which are likely to involve this could be if you are regularly travelling up and down the country for work. If you use your Business car to commute to different workstations on a regular basis, drive work colleagues around daily or use your car for anything work related repeatedly (outside commuting to and from work) then you may want to consider taking out cover.

I Commute to Work Everyday, Should I take out Business Car Cover?

Business Car insurance is not the same as car insurance that you would take out for a commercial car. A company car is also different from a Business Car. A company car should be insured by the company that owns the vehicle. Travelling to and from work each day usually does not require Business Car Insurance cover. If you get to work and park your car or only use it for lunch etc., you are okay with your standard policy. When filling out ordinary car insurance you will be asked what you use the vehicle for. The options include; Social, Domestic and Pleasure, SDP and Commuting, Business use. Be honest with yourself about how you use your vehicle and opt for the appropriate cover which suits your requirements. Commuting to and from work is usually covered in standard policy, as long as your workplace is a fixed location. If you are continually commuting to different offices, you may want to consider Business Car Insurance.

Is Business Car Insurance Expensive?

Statistically, the more you drive a car, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident. Business Car insurance is deemed a higher risk of cover as the car is on the road for extensive periods of time. The more time spent in any car, the higher chance there is of a claim being made. With this in mind, Business Car premiums can often be more expensive when compared to commercial cars. The increase in the amount of miles covered is the main factor behind this. Make sure that any details that are filled in on your Business Car policy are accurate and a truthful reflection on your driving uses. When giving details about the nature of your business it is important to be truthful to avoid your claim not being paid out.

How Can I Keep the Costs Down for my Business Car Insurance?

Although Business Car premiums can be expensive, there are ways which you can reduce the cost of your policy. Firstly, the type of Business Car which you own has an effect on the price. Insurance companies rank cars in groups depending on their overall value. This could be worth checking which models rank were, especially if you haven’t yet purchased the car. As with any type of car insurance, security is another way to reduce the costs of your quote. If you are able to store your car in a locked garage at night, this will be beneficial when it comes to pricing. Think about installing security on your Business Car to make sure it is safe where ever you go. Think about increasing the voluntary excess that will result in your premiums being reduced. Why not make savings from comparing quotes? Let Insurerr help compare reputable insurance companies to get you the cheapest insurance for your Business Car.


Having a Business Car is a great way to travel and showing up at meetings in one will be sure to let everyone know that you mean business! If you are interested in getting the cheapest quotes for your Business Car, then why not let the professionals help. Here at Insurerr, our goal is to save you as much as possible when it comes to Insurance. We scan hundreds of insurance companies and present you their offers quick, easy and hassle free! To get the savings started, let Insurerr handle your Business Car insurance needs.

Getting started couldn’t be any easier. Scroll up the page to find out what we need from you. Plug your information into your application and you’re on the track to saving money! Once you have entered your details, we provide with quotes from reputable insurance companies. Look through the policies, compare them and make a decision based on your findings. Once you have identified the offer that best suits you, follow the links and begin saving!

Our aim at Insurerr is to take the complications and hassle out of insurance and Business Car insurance is no different. Getting you the most value for money policies is what we do. Give us a try and find out how much you could be saving on your car insurance!