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Many of our customers have been unsure where to begin when it comes to business insurance, after working without company they feel more assured that they are headed in the right direction.

Get to know the services that business insurers provide. There are a number of policies out there that can help you to create a secure, viable and compliant enterprise. Whether your business is small, medium or large, working with Insurerr you can find a policy that is tailored to your business.

Depending on what your business does you may need to purchase public liability and business buildings insurance, however, Employer’s liability insurance is required by law.

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We have worked in the insurance market for many years and our team can help you to compare business insurers that will provide a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to your business insurance needs.

Whether your business has been running for a number of years or if you are going it alone as a self-employed business owner, we can help you to find everything you will need. Our business insurance comparison tool allows customers to find a cheaper policy quickly and easily.

Small businesses often come to us for professional indemnity insurance quotes, larger business owners tend to need employee liability insurance along with a number of other quotes. We make it easy for both types of business with just one easy business insurance form.

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To compare business insurance prices, all you need to do is answer a series of simple questions about your business. We’ll provide you with a list of business insurance quotes tailored to your search.

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At Insurerr we promise to show you quotes from as many business insurers as possible, so you can find the right policy for you and your business. It is impossible to find quotes for every single insurer, because some companies don’t want to be included on comparison websites.

Small Business Insurance

Are you the owner of a small business? We can help you to protect your new venture with a range of small business insurance quotes. If you are one of the 4.2 million small businesses in the UK, make sure that you are protected against the risks that can affect your business.

What cover do small businesses need?

Get a business insurance quote sent to your business now. We help customers every day in the UK choose the right cover. Every business has different needs and the business cover that you choose will be primarily dependant on the profession or trade that you operate in.

Our Insurerr team has pulled together a few of the core insurance covers for small business trades:

Insure Your Business

Insure Everyone In Your Business! Business Insurance For Your Business Protection.

Public Liability Insurance

It is likely that you have already looked into Public Liability Insurance, however, it is important that you look into heavily before you make any choices.

This is one of the most important insurance policies for a small business as it provides cover in the event of a member of the public being injured or having their property damaged whilst at your premises. For example, a customer’s claim could arise from something like a slip in a supermarket or a broken step in a small shop.

Make sure that you find out all the information you need from insurance providers before you take this policy out. Should you have to pay out for potentially crippling damages and legal costs, public liability cover will protect your company and provide financial recompense. It really is important to ensure you have adequate cover in this area.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This insurance cover is worth looking into if you or your business offers professional advice to customers or clients. In business mistakes happen and Professional Indemnity cover can protect you if an employee makes an error behalf.

Professional Indemnity insurance can cover the cost of necessary legal proceedings and any compensation you have to pay out to a client. You may need this type of cover is an employee gives incorrect advice to a client for example.

In the worst case scenario, your client could suffer from a financial loss and as a result of this information, you could be faced with a compensation claim.

Professional Indemnity Insurance comes into play as you could still be forced to pay for legal defence to fight your case. Legal fees are extremely expensive and this type of claim could endanger the future of your business.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Employers’ liability cover is required by law if you have one or more people in your employment.

If your business has started to hire new employees, then we suggest that you look seriously into Employers’ liability cover. It is necessary that your business secures this type of policy as it covers your business in the event that a member of your staff (whilst in your employment) is injured or suffers from a work related illness.

Landlord insurance

We can help you to find excellent Landlord insurance quotes today. We have been helping Landlords across the UK find great deals in business insurance as we can help you too!  If you rent a property out, your building and its contents probably won’t be covered by normal house insurance. It is very important that you invest in the correct business insurance you are not living in the property. Sometimes this cover is called ‘let building insurance’ or ‘rental building insurance’.

Having the right landlord cover in place means that your property will still be protected if it is damaged. The policy should cover the cost of rebuilding your property if something disastrous were to happen. Landlord insurance can even give you protection against loss of earnings due to an insured event such as fire.

If you have already been looking into becoming a landlord, then you may know that if your property has a buy-to-let mortgage your bank or building society might request you to have building insurance.

Business contents insurance

We can also help you to compare Business contents insurance policies. The bigger your business is the more physical contents it will have. Laptops, desks, appliances are all things that your business will buy over time.

As every business is different, contents will vary. If your business makes or repairs things, then it may have machines that are expensive to replace. If you are the owner of a communications business you may have computer equipment that needs to be replaced and so on, whatever your business does, good contents insurance cover is essential.

A typical business contents policy will cover losses to furniture, fixtures and fittings, tools, equipment and stocks of raw materials and finished goods. Contents insurance policies will cover your business in the event that losses occur from a number of events such as:

  • Fire damage
  • Flood damage
  • Damage caused by a lightning strike
  • Storm damage
  • Riots and civil disorder, and malicious damage
  • Theft from your premises

Every policy is different, so take time to read the small print when you are purchasing business contents insurance. You will find that different insurers have different interpretations of what is “standard”. Before making an agreement, it is important that the insurance provider fully understands the levels of insurance your business requires.

How to choose a small business policy?

We work with a number of business insurance companies. There may be fewer insurers compared to those in car insurance sector, so you should expect to receive fewer quotes, however, it is worthwhile to remember that quality is better than quantity.

The best advice our team can give you is to review your quotes in detail. If you do decide on an insurance provider, pay particular attention to exclusions (or endorsements) that will apply to the policy.

A small business should make sure it is happy with a potential insurer before they sign on the dotted line. The little details matter, and we encourage all of our clients to read through the policy wording, and small print.

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