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Taking Out Contents Insurance: What Information Do I need?

Taking out Insurance on your Contents requires a few details that we will need from you to get the ball rolling. This information is straightforward and will only take a few minutes. Once you have provided us with the information, we will get to work on getting you the savings you want on your contents insurance. Your information will determine the price you receive for your quote. Waste no more time and get started on your contents insurance savings!

What we need from you:

  • Personal Details – We need some basic information about you. This includes your name, age, occupation, marriage status and a few other details.
  • Details about the Property – Information related to your Property includes; address, home owner, mortgage, year built, location and few others.
  • Contents Details– This deals with the goods you wish to insure. The value of the items, combined costs etc.
  • Security Details – Help us get you the best quote by giving us details on the security details of your property. The type of door lock, alarm systems, smoke detectors and a few other details.
  • Property History – We require a brief history of the property including, any previous accidents, no claims of the property and you are ready to go!

Will Insurerr get me the Best Price for my Contents Insurance?

We know that you want your Contents Insurance to be as simple as possible. Here at Insurerr, we want to help. You want the cheapest possible price and want it without any hassles. If it’s anything in the world of Insurance, Insurerr is here for you. We pride ourselves on getting you the cheapest quote possible without any headaches along the way. Have a look at how much we could save you!

We can get you any information you need to make the process as easy as possible for you. We know that there are a lot of confusing aspects to Contents Insurance but our experts are here to help. They are happy to answer any queries and questions that you may have. Our interest is getting you the best value for your goods and make it as easy as can be. Let us do the hard work, all you have to do is supply us with the details listed above and you are on your way to saving money on your contents insurance!

What Does Contents Insurance Cover?

That’s why it makes sense to protect them and make sure that if the worst happens, you have a plan B. Contents Insurance is not compulsory but is a good way to protect yourself and your prized goods. The range of contents cover is varied and dependant on the policy you wish to take out. Contents are defined as anything you would take with you were you to move home. A full list can be provided when cover is purchased. Common items include;

  • Furniture
  • Entertainment Items
  • Clothes
  • Jewellery
  • Kitchen Goods
  • Electricals
  • Removable Fittings
  • Toys, Ornaments, Antiques

These are some of but not all items which are protected. Contents Insurance covers you against theft, fire, flood, loss, damage, explosion, earthquake, storm and lightning. If your goods are covered and are subject any of the conditions listed, you will be protected should you need to replace any of the items.

Finding out exactly what Contents insurance is and what it covers is easy with Insurerr. We know that you treasure your possessions and want to protect them should anything happen. We know you don’t want to imagine a situation where your household items are unrepairable and you have no cover.

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What Types of Cover Should I get for my Contents?

We know that the different types of cover can be where it gets a little confusing. Don’t worry, though, we have broken down each level, and explained them simply to make sure you know which type of cover you need. It’s worth a read to get you in the know about all the different types of cover we offer. Each option will impact the quote you receive and is dependent on what cover you require and your circumstances. The types of cover which contents insurance is separated into typically covers most items. What policy you want to opt for. The types of Insurance which you can select from are listed below, find one that suits you and get to work on saving on your contents insurance. The types of cover are split into two categories: ‘As New’/ ‘Indemnity’ and ‘New for Old’.

  • As New/Indemnity – This type of policy takes into account the condition of the items you wish to insure. This means that any general wear and tear of the items are taken into consideration. The older the items tend to be, the lesser the cover due to its age. This is not a definitive rule however as antiques etc. can be covered differently. These tend to be cheaper as items will depreciate in value with time, therefore not as much protection is given. If an item is covered, the pay-out is what the item is worth at that moment, not at the moment of purchase.
  • New for Old – This type of cover differs from ‘As New’ as the policy will pay out the full amount for a replacement of the item. This means that if your £500 laptop was damaged, you would be reimbursed the full amount. Items which can be included in New for Old policies can vary as not all items can be covered. Because the pay outs are often higher, the premiums of these policies can be more expensive in comparison to ‘As New’ policies.

How Much Cover Do I Need?

The sum insured section of your policy will define this. This defines the maximum amount that can be payed out in an incident. It is not uncommon to under or overestimate the combined amount of your contents, so take care when calculating these totals. Make a list of all the items you own that you want covered and depending on the policy, price them accordingly. Items which are covered but not necessarily stored in the property such as garage equipment should also be included and added. Most insurance companies place a limit on the total value of your combined items and can place limits on individual items if they wish. High value items are included in this, jewellery is a common item which has a limit as to how much will be payed out. It is also important to keep the value of your items up to date as prices of most goods change over time. If inflation is an issue you are concerned about, contact your policy holder and ask them how they can help. Most policies are flexible and can be increased at periods when new goods are purchased so they can be added to the cover and protected.

What Additional Cover is Available with Contents Insurance?

You can often add to your existing cover and extend your policy to add more protection to your goods. Making these changes will alter the quote you receive as they are an extra form of cover. This cover further covers you if you are after a higher level of protection for your contents. There are a few additions which can be added to contents cover, some of which include;

  • Accidental Damage – This added cover protects your goods if you accidently damage your contents. An example would be if you knocked over an ornament and needed it replaced.
  • Accidental Loss or Damage – This refers to goods that are taken out of the property, if they are damaged or stolen. Examples include jewellery, cameras and other household goods that are taken out regularly. You may be asked to provide which specific items you wish to take out this cover on.
  • Home Emergency Cover – This added protection will cover you should your property need any repairs or maintenance due to a domestic emergency.

•    Legal Expenses – This will cover you if any legal action is taken relating to a dispute that occurred within the premises of the property.

How Can I Reduce the Cost of my Contents Insurance?

The price which you receive for your contents cover is largely dependent on the nature of your policy. The factors involved in making up these quotes depend on a wide range of details which will make up your premium. There are a few ways which can keep the cost of your contents insurance down to make you savings go further. The following ways are some of where money can be saved;

  • Use our Comparisons to shop around and identify the policy which best suits your requirements. This involves comparing price, value for money and policy. When you have identified the type of cover you need, read through each policy to make sure you are protected to a satisfactory extent. When you want to renew your cover, use the comparison again to find out if any savings can be made in comparison to your existing cover.
  • The manner in which you pay for your cover plays a role in the quotes that you receive. This can save you money if you are able to pay for your cover annually rather than on a monthly basis. If you are able to pay a lump sum each year, you will be discounted by insurance companies.
  • When deciding which cover you require; identify any additional cover you need. Know however that these add-ons do come at a premium and will increase the overall cost of your cover.
  • Raising the excess towards the cover that you take out will also reduce the costs of your premium. Agreeing an increased excess to be paid will reduce the amount you have to pay annually or each month.
  • By structuring the type of cover you want; you are able to reduce costs. This could take the form of combining contents and building insurance. Most insurance companies will offer a discounted rate if both covers are taken out simultaneously.
  • Building up your no claims on any type of insurance will result in your premium being lowered. If your NC is substantial, you will make significant savings.
  • Making sure the security of your property will have an impact on the amount you to pay. The safer your property, the lesser your costs.

We know that keeping yourself and your contents protected is of vital importance. Keeping your items protected should something happen is not a bad idea and taking precautionary measures based on any concerns is not either. If you are interested in keeping yourself protected should anything bad happen, Insurerr is here for you. Finding quotes for your contents cover is quick and easy and can be done in seconds!

All we need is a few details listed at the top of the page and we are on our way. Once you have entered a few simple details about yourself, we will get to work on providing you with the best offer and get you covered. Look through all the quotes that are provided and have a look at what each offer includes. Once you have found the offer that best suits you, simply follow the links and let the savings begin!

We aim to get you the best Contents Insurance quotes on the market available to you. A wide range of Insurance providers are listed with Insurerr, all with the hope of getting you the cover you need. Insurerr is in the business of cheap insurance and will do everything you need to get you the savings that you deserve!