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What We Need from You

If you are interested in taking out courier insurance, there are a couple of things which we need from you. These details are fairly standard and so you should be able to answer them with ease. What we will require in order to supply you with a quote is:

  • Vehicle details – Couriers can use a number of different methods of transport – we will need to know how you deliver your items.
  • Personal details – This will include name, address, age and other standard information.
  • Details about occupation – We will need to know how frequently you work and other similar details
  • Other relevant details – Any additional extras that will allow us to give you the most accurate quote possible.

It is important to be as accurate and honest as possible as the information you provide us with will directly affect your quote and policy price.

Courier Insurance

No matter what type of vehicle you use; whether it is a bicycle, motorcycle, car, van or truck, courier work is essentially the same. As a courier you are responsible for delivering items safely. As these items do not personally belong to you, should anything happen to them, you will be responsible. This could include anything, from damage to your courier vehicle, damage to the goods or even theft.

Courier vehicles are a common target for thieves and if your vehicle is broken into and items stolen, you would not only have to pay for the damage to the vehicle, you would also be responsible for the stolen goods.

What Type of Courier Insurance Will I Need?

As with any type of vehicle insurance in the UK, there are three levels of insurance:

  • Third Party Only – This will only cover any damage to the property of a third party or if they sustain injuries.
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft – This is the same as above, with the addition of any damage caused by fire and theft.
  • Fully Comprehensive – This is the highest level of insurance and will cover damage to your vehicle as well as and others involved in an accident, if you are at fault.

A common mistake people make is to either under insure or over insure themselves. Either way could end up costing you unnecessary money. If you are a courier who only delivers by bicycle, you may want to consider third party or third party fire and theft, as your own property is likely to be less expensive to repair compared to a car or van.


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Why Should You Have Courier Insurance?

As a courier, your vehicle is your livelihood – you cannot make a living or do your job without it and if it is off the road for any length of time then you could find yourself without means to earn a living. The high mileage and driving conditions you face as a courier can increase your chances of having an accident and needing cover, especially considering the amount of drop-offs you have to deal with.

That is only considering your vehicle, as a courier you are also responsible for delivering other peoples items safely and should anything happen to them you will be required to replace or fix them. This is another reason that courier insurance is absolutely essential.

Is Courier Insurance Expensive?

Couriers tend to do high mileage and this increases the chances of them being in an accident as they are more frequently on the roads. This means that courier insurance can often be expensive. The factors affecting your policy price could include the amount of hours you spend on the road, previous claims and your vehicle type.

Getting Courier Insurance from Insurerr

At Insurerr, we understand that getting courier insurance isn’t always easy and this is why we aim to make the process as simple as possible for you. Simply fill out one of our forms and we will search through hundreds of insurance brokers in order to find you the best possible quote for your courier insurance.

Here at Insurerr our aim is to get you the best possible price for your courier insurance. This is why we scan through multiple insurance companies to get you the best deal. This process takes only a few minutes, meaning that you can get back to business as soon as possible. Once we have delivered some options to you it is down to you to pick your favoured policy and the one which suits your needs best.

We have made our process as simple as possible for our customers, simply fill out the form at the top of this page and we’ll take care of the rest, it’s as simple as that!