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If you own a dinghy you will be aware of how great a leisure activity they can provide. You also want to ensure that your investment and you are protected whilst you enjoy your dinghy. This is where dinghy insurance comes in handy. Having the right level of dinghy insurance is absolutely vital to enjoying your time on the water. There are different levels of policy and different additional extras which may be useful for you to have.

When taking out dinghy insurance you should think carefully about the type of cover you will require; if your dinghy will need cover in transit, theft cover, underwater cover, personal accident cover and public liability. These are all parts of your policy that you should pay close attention to when taking out dinghy insurance.

Types of Dinghy Insurance

There are different levels of dinghy insurance and each insurance company tiers their quotes in a different manor, the level of insurance you require will generally depend on what you use your dinghy for. There are generally three levels of dinghy insurance:

  • Low level/bronze – This level of cover is generally acceptable for people who use their dinghy for leisure purposes and cruising.
  • Medium level/ silver – This is a higher level of insurance, more specific to those who use their dinghy for racing at a club level.
  • High level/ gold – This is fully comprehensive insurance and is advisable for those who race at a national or championship level or perhaps those who use their dinghy abroad.

Dinghy Insurance for Racing

Many dinghy users like to use their vessel for racing purposes. This can be a great pastime but it will also mean that you may require an additional extra to your policy. When you take out dinghy insurance, you should make absolute sure that racing is covered in your policy if you intend to do this. If racing is not covered within your policy, then you are best to look for a fully comprehensive policy which covers this. Racing can increase your chances of an accident and so policies which include racing cover may come with a higher premium.

What is Covered in Dinghy Insurance

Depending on your policy and cover level, what is included will vary. Depending on the policy you select, the following may be included:

  • accidental damage
  • third party cover
  • racing cover
  • transit cover
  • UK use/other country use
  • other people using your boat
  • driving other boats

This will not necessarily be included in your policy so you should always ensure that you read the small print.

What Will Affect the Price of My Dinghy Insurance

There are multiple things that will affect the price of your dinghy insurance, this is why you should always be honest and accurate when filling out a quotation form. The quotes you get back will depend on the information you give at this stage so if you give false information this can result in your insurance being null and void.

Obviously the level of cover you require will directly affect the price of your policy and quote. Think carefully when selecting your cover as over-estimating the level of cover you need could mean that you end up paying for more than you need and under-estimating the level of cover could mean that you are left with an insufficient cover and therefore your insurance could be void if you needed to make a claim.


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Dinghy Insurance with Insurerr

At Insurerr, we understand that the process of getting insurance can often be complicated and drawn out, we aim to help you through the process and make it as simple as possible. We compare quotes from multiple different insurance companies in order to find you the best possible quotes in the shortest amount of time.

The process couldn’t be easier with Insurerr; simply fill out the form at the top of this page and wait for us to deliver a number of competitive quotes for you. From this you simply choose one that suits you and your needs and move forward with securing a policy.

Our aim at Insurerr is to take out the complications and hassle of insurance and dinghy insurance is no different to this. Getting you the best value for money on your insurance policies is what we do best. So sit back, relax and let us take care of the rest.

Other Types of Boat Insurance

If you have decided that dinghy insurance perhaps isn’t the best type of policy for you then there are a number of different types of insurance, you may want to think about:

  • Speedboat, Motorboat and RIB Insurance: This type of insurance is specifically tailored for high performance boats including speedboats and motorboats.
  • Yacht Insurance: For those who have a yacht, they are a great leisure activity and can bring immense enjoyment to your free time, they are also expensive and so will need appropriate insurance cover. You are always best to get fully comprehensive insurance for your yacht as they can be extremely expensive to repair or replace.