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Home Insurance

Insurerr has filled in all the blanks for you, making home insurance a piece of cake. We like to make things simple, therefore our guide to home insurance, only has the information that you need to know.

Insurerr recommends that you invest in either contents or buildings insurance. Both of these insurance packages will usually cover incidents such as; flooding, fire, storms and natural accidents, theft and vandalism, explosions, leaking water or oil and criminal damage.

  • Property Details: This includes your home address, the type of property, the number of rooms inside your property, flat roof percentage, and how old your property is.
  • Residents: Who lives in your home and how often are they there?
  •  The exterior of your property: Are there any trees surrounding your property that are taller than 10 metres (within a five-metre radius of your property)?
  • Costs and value of contents: This is calculated on the postcode of your home.
  • Security: Is your home secure? What type of locks are you using on your doors and windows?

If you are looking for the information you need for your home insurance quote, look no further:

Can Insurerr help me save money on my home insurance quote?

Yes, that is what we are here for. Insurerr is committed to finding our customers the best home insurance quote for them. Each home is different, therefore, we will calculate the right home insurance for your property at the most cost effective price.

By sharing your details with us, you are saving yourself time and money. We contact insurers for you, who will then compete for your business. The process simple and we will rank the best insurers on price and package. You can then choose for yourself the right policy that will protect your home.

Insurerr is an Independent Comparison Service

We work for you! Insurerr is 100% independent and we are not owned by an insurance company. We offer our customers impartial and transparent quotes that will help them save extra, not spend extra.

What is Contents Insurance?

If you are unfamiliar with contents insurance, it is important that you read up on it. This type of insurance provides protection for your valuables and will cover your home contents against a number or factors:

  • Loss or Damage by Theft
  • Attempted Theft
  • Flooding
  • Storms
  • House Fire
  • Explosion
  • Lightning
  • Earthquake

Before you receive your contents insurance estimation, it is advised that you calculate the value of the contents in each room of your home. Once you have done this, simply add them together for your grand total.

Isurerr will then ask you the value of expensive single items that you may have in your home. These items usually cost more than £1000 and include; flat screen televisions, laptops, bicycles. We do this to ensure that each item is covered appropriately.

Insurerr will gather a number of options for you and you can choose the package which is the most relevant to your needs.

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Why would I need Business Car Insurance?

We all know that if plan on driving a car on UK roads, you need car insurance. Normal car insurance policies cover you for general day to day driving and include going to work and leisure activities. If, however you use your car for extensive business use, you may need to take out some sort of Business car policy. If you drive your car as part of your job and cover a substantial number of miles daily, then Business Car insurance may be an option you wish to explore. Situations which are likely to involve this could be if you are regularly travelling up and down the country for work. If you use your Business car to commute to different workstations on a regular basis, drive work colleagues around daily or use your car for anything work related repeatedly (outside commuting to and from work) then you may want to consider taking out cover.

I Commute to Work Everyday, Should I take out Business Car Cover?

Business Car insurance is not the same as car insurance that you would take out for a commercial car. A company car is also different from a Business Car. A company car should be insured by the company that owns the vehicle. Travelling to and from work each day usually does not require Business Car Insurance cover. If you get to work and park your car or only use it for lunch etc., you are okay with your standard policy. When filling out ordinary car insurance you will be asked what you use the vehicle for. The options include; Social, Domestic and Pleasure, SDP and Commuting, Business use. Be honest with yourself about how you use your vehicle and opt for the appropriate cover which suits your requirements. Commuting to and from work is usually covered in standard policy, as long as your workplace is a fixed location. If you are continually commuting to different offices, you may want to consider Business Car Insurance.

Insuring Your Contents

If you are thinking about avoiding content insurance, then you should probably think twice. Once you begin to add how much your contents are worth, you will see the figures go up and up.

Most insurance providers will define contents as all the things you have in your house that can be picked up or taken away if you chose to move home. The list grows longer and before you know it, it includes carpets, sofas, curtains, picture frames.

Contents insurance also covers the things you may not think about covering including your tablet, smartphone, clothes and jewellery. Making it a worthy investment.

Compare Accidental Damage Home Insurance

When you are beginning you home insurance search, you may want to look out for Accidental Damage Home Insurance. No matter what type of building you live in, accidents can still happen.

If you have already added up the sum of furniture and belongings in your home, the figure has probably surprised you.

Don’t rush into choosing contents insurance. It is important that you choose a package that will cover your home and belongings be damaged in an event such as flood or fire.

At Insurerr, we make it easy for you and will show you the packages which include accidental home insurance and will highlight the ones that do not.

Normally, contents insurance covers customers who have had their possessions stolen or damaged in a fire or by a flood. It is important that you read the small print before you sign on the dotted line as it may not protect you if something has been ruined due to human error like an accident or carelessness.


Accidents happen, therefore, if you are the owner of a family home, it is important that you invest in an insurance package that has accidental damage cover. Let’s look an example of this. If your child accidently damages your carpets with paint or crayons, you could then contact your insurance company claiming accidental damage cover.


This type of insurance will cover the repair or replacement of an item in your home that has been damaged or destroyed by accident at home, including that mucky carpet from earlier!


If this is something which is relevant to your home make sure your quote includes accidental damage protection.

What Cover Will I Receive with Home Insurance?

Does home insurance give me the value of the item which has been damaged? In the majority of cases, yes. If you hold a new for old policy, most insurance companies will give you money or vouchers to replace the item. Keep in mind, the damage will not be covered if it has been caused by wear and tear.

Accidental Damage for Rented Accommodation

If you are a tenant in rented accommodation, then you may want to think about taking out accidental damage cover on your own contents. You may not own the carpets and the curtains in your home, but accentual damage covers a number of possessions.

How to Buy Accidental Damage Insurance

Most insurers will provide accidental damage insurance, for contents and buildings, as an upgrade. If you want to be covered for accidental damage, select this option when you are taking it out.

Comparing Prices for Accidental Damage Home Insurance

If you want the quickest way if finding out prices and comparisons for both building and contents insurance, Insurerr can help. All we need is your details, which we can use to find you the best insurance deals.

Make sure you let us know your required level and then leave the hard part to us. Our quick and easy service means you can scroll through a number of offers and from there the decision is yours.

Combined Insurance Policy

If you are a homeowner and are looking to reduce the cost of the total home insurance you are paying, it is advised that you take out a combined buildings and contents insurance policy. In most cases, an insurer will offer you a discount if you purchase both insurance elements for them.

Building Insurance

Yes, there is a difference between buildings insurance and content insurance. Contents insurance covers your belongings that you can take with you and building insurance covers everything that cannot be moved.

Buildings insurance is vital if you are a homeowner as it covers the cost of repairs/rebuilding to the structural parts of your home. If you are a UK homeowner looking for building insurance, you should be looking for a policy that will cover the structure of your home from flooding, fire and storms.

Building insurance varies and the amount you pay will be dependent on how much it would cost to rebuild your property, not on its market value.

We can provide you with this information as your buildings insurance quote will include a re-build amount which is based on data about your address. All of this information is provided by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

What Does Buildings Insurance Cover?

Building insurance covers a number of things. From repairing the damage which has been inflicted to rebuilding the structure of your home as well as its fixtures and fittings. Most of these problems are caused by situations homeowners have no control over such as natural events (storms, fires or floods). On the other hand, building insurance covers man-made damage such as theft or vandalism.

Every policy is different, however many insurers will cover, uncommon damages such as:

  • Falling trees
  • Collisions from traffic
  • Subsidence
  • Heave
  • Oil and water leaks caused by pipes or heating systems

What Does Building Insurance Not Cover

Every insurer is different, and some will not cover:

  • General wear and tear
  • Frost damage
  • Gates and fences
  • Damage caused by insects, birds and pests

Home insurers will also ask you how long you spend inside of your home. This is something you should take notice of if you work abroad or have a holiday home in the UK. In some cases, if anything happens to your home when you have been away from it for over a month, you home will then be classed as unoccupied.

Insurerr: Our Service

We aim to show you home insurance quotes from as many insurance companies as possible so that you can find the right policy for you.

Unfortunately, we can’t promise to show quotes from every insurance provider, because not all companies want to be included on comparison websites.

We won’t offer you advice or make a recommendation, but we will provide you with all the information you need to help you decide which is the right policy for you.

Going Direct: Domestic Insurance

We would advise our customers NOT to go direct. Our business compares the market for you, giving you the cheapest quotes side-by-side. We get quotes from insurers across the country, which saves a lot of time on your end. Statistics have also been in our favour and have shown that comparison sites are cheaper nearly 90% of them time. Try Insurerr today and you will see the results for yourself.

Home Insurance Comparison Sites

You may be thinking about trying another comparison site and that choice is yours. Shopping around for the best price is a smart idea – that is why we are here to help.

Insurerr makes the process as easy as possible, therefore you can retrieve your quotes when you come back to us for the cheapest home insurance quotes. We understand that your free time is valuable, that is why we aim to make the home insurance process as simple as possible.