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Motor Fleet Insurance

Insurerr can find your business the best price for UK motor fleet insurance. We provide insurance for cars, vans, trucks, coaches and lots more!

No matter what sector your business is in, if you are looking for a motor fleet insurance policy, then you have come to the best insurance comparison website! We can find unique quotes for your business in just a matter of hours.

Would you like to save money on your motor fleet insurance policy? Of course, you would! Our search will find the cheapest motor fleet insurance quotes for you, saving you time!

Motor fleet insurance is essential for most businesses in the UK – Let our team at Insurerr protect your fleet. Start your search for better motor fleet insurance today with Insurerr.

Fleet Insurance

Whether you are a brand new business looking for first-time motor fleet insurance or looking for a better a policy that will suit your needs more efficiently – Insurerr can help.

We can help you find a fleet policy that is right for you. We are insurance experts; with your details Insurerr can provide you with a solution that fits your needs specifically.

Tailor your policy to fit your needs, we can find you a policy which includes:

  • Cover for 3 or more vehicles
  • Cover for all vehicle types
  • Flexible driver options
  • Courtesy vehicle
  • Legal expenses
  • Goods in transit
  • European cover
  • Breakdown cover

Insurerr is the best way to secure bespoke, insurance cover. At Insurerr, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all packages as we can create a tailor-made quote for your business. Our prices are completely competitive and you will not find a better deal on the market.

Your business can tell us what’s important to you, what level of cover you require and we can do the hard work for you. As a motor fleet insurance company, we can find you a quote in the quickest time possible.

Fast Cheap Motor Fleet Insurance Quotes

If this is your fist time using a car insurance comparison service, you have come best place. Our experts have selected the best deals from across the country, saving you from enduring hours on the phone to different insurance providers.

We can help your business find the most suitable policy for its needs. The insurance process can be extremely stressful, however, with Insurerr our comparison service is fast, simple and east to follow. We provide quotes for mini fleet insurance as well as larger fleet vehicle insurance policies. Find out more about commercial fleet insurance below.

Motor Fleet Insurance Quote

Insure All Of Your Fleet!

Let Us Find Your Commercial Fleet Insurance

Whether you work in the industrial sector or not, we can help your business find an insurance policy which is complete value for money.

It doesn’t matter if your team drives a car, van, minibus or truck, we can find a policy for you. If your business vehicles are not all covered by an insurance policy, then you are breaking the law. The quicker your fleet is covered; the sooner you can get back to business.

Compare Motor Fleet insurance with Insurerr today

To compare motor fleet insurance with Insurerr, we don’t ask you to fill out lots of forms or take your valuable time calling lots of different companies. Instead, we do things differently with our motor fleet insurance comparison system.

The Insurerr form is simple and it will only take a matter of minutes to fill it out. Simply tell us what you need and we can take it from there. Insurerr compares quotes for a car, van, bus, coach, truck or any other form of transport that your fleet use.

Saving Money On Motor Fleet Insurance

At Insurerr, we work for you. Our aim is to save all of our customers on their insurance policies. If you are renewing your motor fleet policy, we advise you to check your quote on our comparison system.

It doesn’t matter if you own 10 or 100 vehicles, we can direct you to the best insurance provider for your fleet.  We find the best deals every day and are constantly updating our websites with cheap insurance quotes. It all starts with your details, fill in our comparison form today.

Cheap Fleet Insurance Guide

If your business is operating a motor fleet, it is important that they are well maintained for them to run accordingly day to day. If the worst was to happen and one of your vehicles was damaged in an accident, a good insurance policy would ensure that any problems were taken care of as soon as they possibly could.

The great thing about Motor fleet insurance is that it allows a company to cover all of their vehicles in the fleet with one single policy – saving you time, money and effort. This method is extremely beneficial as your business will often relieve a bulk discount from the insurance provider.

Having a single policy covering your large fleet takes just little effort with our Insurerr price comparison website. We can help you find a motor fleet policy which is designed to be simple, flexible, custom fit for your company’s specifications. Let us reduce the administrative effort on your half. We can quote you for motor fleet insurance that covers fleets of all sizes. Get your cheap fleet insurance in minutes.

Levels of Coverage: Motor Fleet Insurance Quote

All insurance packages come with different levels of coverage, depending on what your business needs are. Insurers will cover fleets from the public and private sector. Private taxis, couriers, and delivery vans could all benefit from Insurerr motor fleet insurance.

UK law states that all motor fleet vehicles are covered by third party insurance, at a minimum. If you would like additional coverage, you may want to ask for that when you are processing your quote. In some business, this is necessary to properly protect the vehicles in their fleet, as well as protecting their business from associated liability.

You may find that although third party insurance is the minimum level of insurance which is required by law. Motor fleet insurers will occasionally decline this level of insurance for motor fleets, as they will suggest you’re your business should be using a comprehensive insurance package.

Normally, exclusions for motor fleet insurance could include theft of an unattended vehicle, theft by deception, mechanical breakdowns, and tyre replacements.

How Does Motor Fleet Insurance Differ from Car Insurance?

Apart from the structure of the motor fleet policy, one of the main ways they differ from other kinds of car insurance is the lack of a no-claims discount. This is because, for very large fleets, the likelihood of maintaining a zero-claims record is usually low. Instead, insurers operate an alternative claims costs system where the total cost of claims is tallied over a fixed period of time. The premium is adjusted depending on the total value of claims, with a lower total value earning a higher discount.

Special Coverage Business Fleet Insurance

If you are a business which uses a motor fleet, then you may want to take out a policy that has special coverage or optional extras.

Some businesses require one or two types of special coverage. There are dozens of options which insurance providers give as addition extras, if any of the following irrelevant to your business, you may want to include this in your insurance quote.

Here is just some of the possible add-ons and extras a business may choose to add to its motor fleet insurance:

  • Haulage insurance. This type of insurance should be taken by businesses that provide long distance transport services.
  • Coverage may be required if there is expensive work equipment in your fleet of vans. This is especially relevant to tradespeople such as plumbers and builder, make sure you are covered for this on your additional insurance policy.
  • Public and employee liability insurance, this is relevant to motor fleet insurance as it will keep a fleet running smoothly and safely. It also protects your business from claims made due to injury or damage to an employee, a member of the public, or their property.
  • Personal effects insurance
  • Legal expenses coverage in cases where a compensation claim might be made against a third party.
  • Replacement locks (lost or stolen car keys)
  • Trailer insurance for towing vehicles.

Comparing Motor Fleet Insurance Policies

In order to effectively compare motor fleet insurance online, it could be important to take into account the size of the fleet, the uses of the vehicles in the fleet, and the frequency of use of those vehicles. All of these factors are likely to influence how much the insurance will cost, and understanding how the fleet is used could help ensure that the business is only paying for the insurance coverage that it needs.


For smaller fleets, it could also be important to make a comparison between motor fleet insurance and individual insurance for each vehicle in the fleet. If each individual vehicle is entitled to a no-claims bonus, this may be a cheaper alternative to motor fleet insurance.

Other important points of comparison include:

  • Claims cost benefits
  • Excess amounts
  • Driver age requirements
  • Inclusions and exclusions
  • Additional cover
  • Policy flexibility

How Can You Reduce Motor Fleet Premium Costs?

Motor Fleet insurance can be expensive, especially if you are covering a lot of vehicles, however, this is a business expense which must be taken into account.  There are ways that even the biggest of businesses can find cheap motor fleet insurance. Here are a few tips from our Insurerr experts on how you can reduce the costs of their coverage.

  • Make sure your business is carrying out risk assessment and risk management practices, inform your insurer and it will generally reduce your individual policy costs.
  • By restricting employee driving age to over 25 your claim may be lower
  • If your employees take an advanced driving course or a similar kind of formal assessment, your premium may be reduced.
  • Try to keep your business to a low number of claims to reduce premium costs.

What Else Can Fleet Insurance Cover?

Fleet insurance is a big part of business logistics and you may want to look through different options before you decide on one policy.

Make sure your policy includes the cover which is appropriate for your business. Some providers may even offer additional protection for an extra payment. Every business is different and your search results will be completely unique. Some of the options which you can include in your search are:

  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Breakdown cover
  • Legal cover
  • Haulage insurance
  • Carriage of goods for hire or reward
  • Carriage of own goods
  • Courier insurance
  • Goods in transit cover
  • Trailer insurance
  • Personal accident and sickness insurance

Telematics Fleet Insurance

Are you looking for telematics fleet insurance? Although Telematics is a fairly new method of calculating insurance premiums, it has been extremely popular within the UK motor fleet market. This technology is constantly improving and business owners cannot help be impressed with the results it has had for their business.

Telematics also referred to as black box insurance, is popular with motor fleets as it can be used to monitor the performance of different drivers.

Most providers use a black box or mobile phone app to calculate premiums. This is calculated from a number of factors including driving behaviour and speed. Insurers gather the data and analyse the performance of its fleet.

If you would like to find out more about this type of insurance, contact one of our Insurerr advisors on live chat.

Why Should Your Choose Insurerr?

As an insurance comparison website, it is our responsibility to find the most relevant quotes for your business. At Insurerr, we make the motor fleet insurance process insurance simple. We cater for every business, no matter how many vehicles you have.

Compare Fleet Insurance

We are a 100% independent comparison website. Our Insurerr experts will gather prices for your business, which means that your employees won’t have too. Insurerr is unlike other price comparison sites, as we are not run by an insurance company.

We can help you find the best comparison site for your business and your details will be safe with us.  Our deals will offer value for money and reliability – everything you need in an insurance quote.

As an independent comparison site, we negotiate the best prices with insurers so you don’t have to. Trust Insurerr to find you the best quotes that are available.  Find your quote today and compare fleet insurance.