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Before you start working as a taxi driver, there are a number of steps you must complete that may slow down the process. At Insurerr, we can help you find an insurance policy quickly, ticking one box off of your list.

We have created a simple system, that will help you compare multiple options. We compare taxi driver insurance quotes so that you don’t have to. Let us help you cut costs and find the best insurance policy for your needs.

What is taxi insurance?

Taxis come in all shapes and sizes. From minivans to Skodas, no matter what type of car you are driving, anyone who drives a taxi for profit requires specific taxi insurance.

Make sure you do not apply for standard car insurance as this will not cover your taxi. There a number of insurance policies for business cars, however, this type of insurance is different.

Is Taxi Driver Insurance More Expensive?

Unfortunately, yes. You may find that when you are applying for Taxi insurance, it is likely to be more expensive than standard car insurance policies.

Due to the length of time you are spending in your car, you will be at a higher risk of accident, therefore the price will reflect this.

What’s The Difference Between Private Hire and Public Hire Insurance?

Private hire vehicles also are known as minicabs, can only be pre-booked. These type of cars do not stop for customers who at a taxi rank.

The cars that do pick customers up from the street or at ranks are known as Public hire vehicles. A number of taxis fall into this category, e.g. black cabs, hackney carriages and other vehicles that are licensed by the council.

Due to the different services these taxis provide, there are different levels of risk. Insurers will take this into consideration when they are offering you a quote, alongside other insurance factors e.g. age, location, and annual mileage.


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Choosing Taxi Driver Insurance

Just like normal car insurance policies, there are several options to consider when you are looking for car insurance quotes.

The choices for taxi drivers come as the third party only, third party fire and theft and comprehensive. When considering what policy, you should go for, you will also be given the choices of having a named driver policy, a policy-only deal or an all-driver policy.

If you are an individual driver who only needs to cover your own vehicle, then a name driver policy would be the most beneficial policy.

You may find that a policy-only option might be cost effective, but if you are the owner of several taxis, then an all-driver policy, may offer better value for your business. It is also worth noting that taxi insurers tend to be regional and may only cover certain areas of a city or town.

Taxi Insurance Quotes: How Can I Keep My Premiums Low?

No matter what type of insurance you may be applying for you will always want a policy with a low premium rate. Careful drivers that build up a no-claims history are usually offered cheaper deals as they are found to be more reliable by insurance providers. This is why you should always compare taxi driver insurance quotes, as you will be able to find the cheapest deal will help you find cheaper deals by simply shopping around.

In terms of taxi driver insurance, providers may offer a discount if the driver has effective security measures, e.g. CCTV cameras.

Another way to reduce your premiums is to offer accurate estimated annual mileage. Some taxi drivers’ mileage will be very high, depending on the service they provide or the area they work in. If you are a taxi driver who words more than usual, then you may want to opt for an unlimited mileage policy.

Taxi Insurance and Security matters

When you are applying for taxi driver insurance you must declare the appropriate details on your insurance application. You should also declare if you have cameras and/or Thatcham security fitted to your taxi. If you do, then you could be making a significant saving on your insurance policy.

You must also declare whether your taxi’s a hackney carriage or black cab. Once you have done this you should also state what it is used for (e.g. contract work) and what council your taxi works for.

When you are applying for taxi driver insurance, keep in mind that insurance providers tend to be regional and will either include or exclude some cities and/or areas.

Make sure that you also mention if your vehicle has been modified in any way. Taxis are often modified to suit customer’s medical needs or restrictions. Some hackney drivers will have had a wheelchair access ramp added their car to give passengers easier access.

Taxi Driver Insurance Declarations

Taxi driving companies who handle insurance may also ask about the employment of their drivers, what their driving license details, how long they have worked as a taxi driver for and whether they have passed a DVSA driving test or not.

In order to get some taxi driver policies, you may be made to make certain declarations about any medical conditions that require DVLA notification. For safety reasons, drivers should also submit any criminal offences, and any claims or motoring convictions that may have happened in the last five years.

Insuring Minibus and MPV Taxis

If you are the owner of a larger taxi with more seats, then it is likely that your taxi driver insurance will be slightly more expensive. The larger the vehicle, the higher the insurance group, this means that there will be more expensive premiums to match. Every car is different, however, this usually applies to people carriers, MPVs, and mini-bus cabs.

Taxi Fleet Insurance

Whether you are the owner of a taxi firm or a taxi driver, it is recommended that you have a serious think about what policy is suited for you and your business. Why not call our team at Insurerr for more details?

Public Liability Insurance for Taxis

We did say that there were a number of things that you must tick off when you join the taxi driver industry. UK taxi drivers are required to have public liability insurance as well.

In some cases, taxi driver car insurance comes with this policy as standard, however, this is not always the case. As a taxi driver, it is your responsibility to have a policy which covers you from claims made by customers if they suffer from an injury while they are riding in your cab.

Taxi Driver Insurance and Breakdown Cover

In terms of breakdown cover, it is recommended that you read through the terms and conditions which are offered to you.  Keep in mind if your taxi is not covered, make sure you look into getting a separate policy. It is not uncommon that you will be offered breakdown cover as part of your taxi insurance quote.

This may be advantageous to some as it is the most convenient option, however, there are a number of specialist taxi breakdown services to pick from, which may be more suited to you. That is why it is important to look through your options before you go ahead, as the deal that you are getting may not be worth the price after add-ons.

Every driver is different and some prefer to go with the first option as it is a suitable option for them. Remember you should never choose a policy to save money on your premium, you should choose once which I cost effective for your needs.